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Click Here to access the Willington Public Library Discord Server

The WPL is now using Discord to reach out to the Willington community during the time that Covid-19 is an issue. It is an application that can be used for online library events and information. We recommend you download the app on the app store to stay connected to our library community.

Discord is a free application that offers large chat rooms and voice channels. It is similar to Zoom, except no camera feature. You can stream/screen share for other people to see while in the same voice channel. When you are in the  same voice channel as other people, you can talk back and forth.

Discord can be downloaded on the App Store of Google Play Store for a mobile device. It can also be downloaded onto your computer.

This is an example of what a Discord dashboard looks like. You can join different conference rooms, which are voice channels, and type in different chat titles. For example, book-recommendations is a chat function.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

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